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Hi, my name is Eddy 

 I'm a Graphic Designer


















In 2012, during the time when I was professionally competing in one of my all-time favourite video games, StarCraft 2, I first started my design journey. Design became an obsession. I found myself spending less and less time playing, instead dedicating every moment I could to my newfound interest.

Still fond of competitive video games and remembering my Starcraft2 playing experience, I joined one of the most established esports organizations in the world - Fnatic. As a graphic designer there, I was presented with a range of opportunities to hone my skills; Social media images, websites, logos, clothing, photography, infographics and even video editing. The experience was unforgettable.

After the Fnatic chapter came to an end, I was one of the first people to join a young start-up - an Esports creative agency called Level99. The agency has now grown around me and a lot of our work is now regarded as industry-leading in esports. Level99 has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging cases day in and day out.

I also work as a freelancer specializing in Web and Logo design.


1. Empowering the user yields big results.

2. Shun the default. 

3. Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration.

4. Done is better than perfect.

5. If you make something no one hates, no one loves it.